Archangel X

I've decided to write here.

I didn't think I was going to write so much. I thought I was going to return to LiveJournal and keep just a wedding-based journal to chronicle my thoughts and my actions in the year leading up to my wedding day. Instead, I discovered that the need to keep a personal journal never left me. The wedding-based journal became overwhelmed by non-wedding-related entries, and thus that wedding journal became corrupted, verbose, and disorganized.

I'm solving that by moving here. Archangel X.

I doubt anybody still remembers me. What started out as Psychobabble: Open Pages #23 in the early days of the online journal world, became the place of Archangel X in 1998. In 2001, I migrated (partially) to LiveJournal. Since then, unforeseen events have forced me to disappear. I've lived through several incarnations here, dying in my ashes and then becoming born anew each time.

Here, I am reborn again.


[Wedding journal at groomzilla]